Judging the competition

Judge: a person able or qualified to give an opinion on something. Middle English: from Old French juge (noun), juger (verb), from Latin judexjudic-, from jus ‘law’ + dicere‘to say’.


The benefits of judging include early access to emerging startups, connections with investors and business leaders who are judging, recognition in the community, and satisfaction for paying it forward by helping young entrepreneurs.


Judges will need to be available from 8am to 6pm on Friday 4/26, 2019 in Albany NY, starting with a brief training session on the morning of the event. Judges are also required to attend at least one pre-judging preparation conference call.

Here’s the 2019 NYBPC Rulebook and the 2019 Judging Rubric.

If you are interested and would like to be considered for judging this year's competition, please fill out the judge application. We can't guarantee spots, but will aim to respond to all applicants.

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